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Long Necked Multi Colored Vase


This unique and beautiful piece of pottery is hand thrown. This eye catching show piece has a beautiful and distinctive glazing with various shades of black, red, orange and green. It’s long neck is a classic design but the glazing makes it stand out as a unique piece of art. Consider buying it’s sister vase with the same glazing style but a bit smaller and a different neck.

Created at the Elk Ridge Pottery Garage in Elk Ridgy Utah by artisan Dawn McLelland. All pieces created by Dawn are hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and then glazed to create these beautiful and unique pieces of art. No two pieces are alike.

* 10 inches tall X 6.5 inches wide.
* weight – 3.5 pounds
* All pottery is glazed with non-toxic food safe glazes.

Local pickup is at the Elk Ridge Pottery Garage. Call Dawn to arrange pick up at 801-455-7251. Shipped item are shipped by UPS in the continental US only.

Because each piece is hand thrown and hand glazed there may be minor imperfections as typically found in hand thrown pottery. These are normal occurrences. Also no two computer displays, phone screens, or camera’s provide the exact same colors. We have tried to provide an accurate photo of each piece but slight variations in colors should be expected. Sizes are rounded to the nearest ¼ inch.

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